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Nubeans is a member driven trade network that grows community abundance, resilience and connections across the Tasman Peninsula

Hi I am Cate Foley Burke and I am a CENTS member. I have been in LETS, a similar system in South Australia. I used to enjoy the markets and events and often busked at them earning the equivilant of CENTs. Wow, I had my first trade within a couple of weeks of joining. I saw a listing on the CENTs Facebook Page for Enjo products being offered by a trader in Victoria. We were both new members and it was an easy process for a us both! Last week I did my first massage session paid for in CENTs. I am offering massage and natural health modality called the Seven Fields of Health and Healing. This my Koonya well-being space where I work.

Cate Foley-Burke October 28, 2015

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