This Page is updated monthly around the 1st of the Month.

Celeste is looking for secondhand solar batteries to run a small house

Celeste needs a lightweight small set of drawers with lockable top drawer or small filling cabinet. Preferably Tasman Peninsula or Hobart area.

Miles is looking for people to help with gardening and food growing

Celeste is looking for couch that folds out to a double or queen sized bed.

 Suze is looking for a good quality amplifier and turntable.

Suze is looking for a round bale of hay, delivered to White Beach would be great. Old rotten hay is best, for the garden!

  Debbie  I’m looking for a second hand portable massage table
  Someone with ute / small trailer and maybe a chainsaw. Contact Debbie 
  Short stays. Long weekend type thing. One cat, one dog, two chickens. Someone to have on stand by when regular house sitter is unavailable. Contact Debbie 
  General yard work, raking and fire reduction and gardening. Contact Vichara 
   Dry firewood either delivered to Koonya or firewooding on my property. Vichara 
Hi dear Nubeaners, would love to get homegrown fruit and veg and eggs. If you bake your own sourdough bread, I am interested too. Happy trading. Christine Mueller